Art Psychotherapy

Art Psychotherapy or Art Therapy (the titles are interchangeable) is a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of communication and it is practiced by qualified, registered Art Therapists and Art Psychotherapists.

Art Therapy uses various therapeutic techniques to promote the healing process of people with all types of physical and mental health problems and disabilities.

Art Psychotherapy may be provided for groups, or for individuals, depending on the clients needs. Clients do not require previous experience or skill in art. The Art Psychotherapist is not concerned with making a judgement or diagnostic assessment of the client’s image. The overall aim of its practitioners is to enable a client to effect change and growth on a personal level through the use of art materials in a safe and facilitating environment.

Art Therapy differs from other psychological therapies in that it is a three way process between the client, the therapist and the image. Thus it offers a different opportunity for expression and communication and can be particularly helpful for people who find it hard to express their thoughts and feelings verbally. Read More. . .

What can it help with?

  • Developmental Issues
  • Behavioural Issues
  • Self Esteem & Confidence
  • Physical and intellectual disabilities
  • Depression Personal development
  • Trauma
  • Grief
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Eating disorders